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"MET - PEOPLEPLUS® HR Certification Programs are being launched for Working HR Professionals"

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"Evolving the Vision and Goal Setting for the Top Team linked to the Vision & Company Goals, "

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"HR Audit and Identification of Training Needs for Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu "

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"As a part of the Building Businesses vertical, we are handling a Fund raising "

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Vision & Values


Setting Standards: A name to be reckoned with.

  • Credibility
    To achieve the highest possible professional standards in the services we offer. Promise what can be fulfilled. Where the resources and expertise are limiting factors, the stake holders have to be informed. Customer to be informed of third party services commissioned or if commissions are obtained for any service from a third party. Comply with the deliverables, implicit and explicit. Build trust and personal responsibility in all our dealings. Keep updated about the new knowledge / tools and techniques in our fields of service offerings. Do not, in any way, cause the separation of a customer employee for consideration, or otherwise. Be above board on all fiduciary maters.

  • Being Rooted
    Be rooted in the Indian ethos and values while learning from all sources. We will study the best known practices across sectors, countries and continents, but will adapt them to suit Indian sensibilities. We will be rooted in the four PEOPLEPLUS® values evolved by the team & uphold them with all our customers and in all our transactions & relationships.

  • Societal Commitments
    We believe that we have a responsibility to the larger society and as citizens of this country. We will, not, knowingly evade taxes / levies / payments to the government or any local authorities. We shall not engage the services of any one at below the minimum wages. We will encourage members of the PEOPLEPLUS® team to engage themselves with NGOs and charitable organizations of their choice. To the extent our resources permit we will invest in the three NGOs - MLSM / SREDHA / VEDHI

  • Customer Focus
    Be sensitive to customer requirements. Be focused on meeting the requirements of the customers. Always understand and clarify customer needs. Do not engage with a customer if it's perceived by the customer or members of the PEOPLEPLUS® team that "value" creation / addition is not p to the level envisaged. Always seek and be able to address the future needs of the customers, known to the customers or not. Create an image & reputation with the customers & ensure that every customer engaged with becomes a reference point.