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"World over unemployment is high yet skilled and talented people are in short-supply. According to a latest survey, 34% of the employers worldwide say they have trouble filling of jobs with technicians, sales persons, skilled trade workers and engineers."

News & Events

  • MET - PEOPLEPLUS® HR Certification Programs are being launched for Working HR Professionals with more than 3 years of Work Experience.
    For further details, please refer to the Accelerating Careers Page .

  • Evolving the Vision and Goal Setting for the Top Team linked to the Vision & Company Goals, for a reputed organization in the Sports Management sector. We have helped atleast 5 companies evolve their Vision and conducted a Goal Setting exercise to help them achieve their Vision. We conduct several exercises which eventually lead the Top Team to the Vision. We have also facilitated the evolution of Values for organizations and also helped them draft the Dos & Donts to internalise the Values.

  • HR Audit and Identification of Training Needs for Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya formerly known as The Bombay Museum.

  • As a part of the Building Businesses vertical, we are handling a Fund raising assignment for a unique Sports venture.